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Selling Your Car

Let me assist with the sale of your car to make the experience, quicker, safer, less time consuming but above all to achieve the optimum value for your car.

You won’t have to suffer the “dreamers” or “expert tyre kickers” demeaning your pride and joy, just straightforward, open advice to guide you through the maze of values and opinions.

I have access to over 5000 dealers throughout the UK as well as my own clients who are constantly looking for good quality cars, whatever the make or model and with this amount of coverage and the flexibility I offer as an Independent consultant and broker I am best placed to find the most deserving home for your car.

I can carry out a professional appraisal of your car using all the latest technology, ultrasonic paint depth meters, VOSA approved tyre depth gauges etc, this together with digital images means the most accurate information in an industry where attention to detail and knowledge of the market is the key to achieving a successful sale and as an extra incentive for a prospective buyer, I can arrange for your car to be delivered once you have received cleared funds.

If you are getting a company car and your current car is excess to requirements, if you are part-exchanging, a company or fleet disposing of cars or you are just looking to sell your car or to settle the finance on it, no matter what your scenario I can assist.

So what’s the difference with my service, well unlike agencies and canvassing companies who have no motor trade experience and promise to sell your car for you, I have over twenty nine years experience during which time I have successfully bought and sold thousands of cars and I deal with real buyers who buy cars everyday instead of telling you what they’re worth!

I won’t make any wild claims about unrealistic figures or give you empty promises, my career in the motor industry has been built on reputation and results, I will however give you my assurance that there is some substance behind the words and I am dedicated to achieving the best for you and your car.

To find out more, contact me now...