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About Lawrence Smith Specialist Car Consultant and Broker
About Lawrence Smith

The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence for my clients is my passion and unwavering mission.

I have bought and sold thousands and thousands of fabulous cars over the years, at the very highest level and rejected more than I care to remember that didn’t meet my exacting standards for my own cars or my clients. So you can share my extensive experience and knowledge to help and guide you through every aspect of the buying, selling or leasing process, safely, seamlessly and enjoyably, with great proven results.


A brief list of manufacturers I have successfully helped clients source, buy and sell

Lawrence Smith Aston Martin Sourcing Specialist
Lawrence Smith Audi Sourcing Specialist
Lawrence Smith Bentley Sourcing Specialist
BMW sourcing
Lawrence Smith Ferrari Sourcing Specialist
Lawrence Smith Lamborghini Sourcing Specialist
Lawrence Smith Mercedes Benz Sourcing Specialist
Lawrence Smith Jaguar Sourcing Specialist
Lawrence Smith Maserati Sourcing Specialist
Lawrence Smith Land Rover Sourcing Specialist
Lawrence Smith Mclaren Sourcing Specialist
Lawrence Smith Mini Sourcing Specialist
Lawrence Smith Porsche Sourcing Specialist
Lawrence Smith Rolls Royce Sourcing Specialist
Lawrence Smith Volkswagen Sourcing Specialist
Lawrence Smith Volvo Sourcing Specialist

Common Questions

Worldwide. Lawrence Smith Specialist Car Consultant and Broker is based in Leicestershire, so naturally I have many clients in the county and adjoining Rutland.

I live in Market Bosworth a small market town in Leicestershire and have long standing clients in my home town and the surrounding villages.

Further afield, I have clients in Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, Spain, Cyprus and many other countries, as well as all four corners of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

So hopefully you can see, distance is really not an issue, the world is becoming quite a small place to do business, if you deal in very special, high specification, impeccably prepared motor cars and provide world class, personal, attentive niche services, you will stand out and business gets done – simple.

Yes, I have successfully worked with and for many international clients. If you are looking for a professional car finder service in the UK, I act as your personal car buying and selling consultant or car sourcing agent. For example, if you are moving to the UK and need someone to help with a car purchase here before you arrive, I have successfully done this for many clients.

Or if you are trying to buy a car in the UK and simply need to have an independent  professional to look after and protect your interests throughout, be on hand for you at every stage of the transaction, I can inspect the car on your behalf and send you a personal walk round video of the car, along with an independent report, etc, I have done this many times for international clients, with my car buying service UK, just let me know how best I can help if you are looking for assistance with buying a car here in the UK, be happy to help in any capacity.

Yes. Being involved in the other sectors of my day-to-day business, the specialist car sourcing service, helping client’s find new homes for their pride and joy or the personal and business leasing arm of the business, as well as  long standing relationships with loyal clients built over many, many years, gives me some unique access to some very special motor cars.

If these meet my exacting standards and are individual, high specification cars, that are far from your standard offerings on the market, then I hand pick these to retail myself, these will be the best of the best, impeccably prepared with the provenance and history to match.

You can see my current stock here.

Absolutely, that is my specialist field, I am your professional car buying consultant, used car buying agent or if you are looking to sell your car, your personal car selling agent, just let me know how best I can help you.

I started my journey in the motor trade back in 1989 and spent many successful years in prestige franchised dealers, in 2010 I started my own business, Lawrence Smith Specialist Car Consultant and Broker, which has gone from strength to strength, looking after long standing, loyal clients who I have dealt with for many years for all of their motoring requirements, along with creating many new business relationships with like-minded clients, who are looking for a more niche, bespoke personal service that the corporate world can’t deliver to their satisfaction.

Absolutely, yes. This is probably a better description of what I do on the car sourcing side of things, think of me as your personal car shopper, to save you time, hassle and get you to your dream car as quickly, enjoyably and stress free in the most seamless way, my company has been successfully doing this for clients since 2010.

Buying a car privately can be fraught, never has the saying “buyer beware” been more apt. Like most things, how the process is deemed to be done and how it is actually done by a seasoned professional with 33 years experience like myself are in reality, poles apart. I have and continue to help numerous clients, by providing the security, expertise, complete due diligence and peace of mind when buying a car privately. Please get in touch if you also want to have the utmost comfort and peace of mind, be delighted to help you.