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Car Sourcing

The best way to buy a car

Have you ever thought, “there must be a more straightforward, easier way to find and buy my perfect new or used car, an experienced professional who can work for me and look after my interests?”

Car Buying as it Should Be

What if there were someone who could provide total peace of mind that the car is exactly what you wanted, is the best value, is fully inspected?  What if there were someone to look after every stage of the transaction for you securely, with the utmost due diligence and discretion, while you get on with other things?

It starts here; a premium car sourcing service, car buying as it should be, car buying as you want it to be.

How we work together

My 34 years of expertise in the motor industry means you enjoy a seamless end to end, fully informed experience to get you from point A to Point B in the most efficient, straightforward, professional way, the more modern alternative to spending hours and hours on the telephone, internet or trawling round car dealerships, there is a better way.

Let’s keep it simple, my car finding service, is a proven methodical, structured process, that works, to fully understand your exacting requirements, whether that is a new, used car or even a modern classic, the colour, specification and budget, we chat through together the finer detail and I can get to work for you, a totally refreshing car buying experience, from the comfort of your own home or office, your own personal car buying agent, by a motor industry professional with 34 yrs of experience, your search for your ideal car is in very safe hands.

Remember, I’m here to help you find and buy your dream car, not sell you one. That is a far more transparent, healthy approach.

Let’s find your dream car together

Take a look at some of the cars I have helped clients, source, sell and lease previously.

What makes me different?

Many car sourcing/car finding companies claim that they are going to get you a car at “trade price” or the “cheapest car,” which is a very blunt, limited approach. Being the cheapest is usually reserved for the company that has nothing of value left to offer or doesn’t know how to be better.

My approach is always about the car firstly, that has to be right in every respect, an impeccable car that will stand the strictest of scrutiny on every level, condition, specification, provenance, flawless due diligence checks, the list is very comprehensive.

Equally important is value; not the cheapest, the best value and the cheapest will be two very different cars at the opposite ends of the spectrum. This doesn’t mean paying too much, absolutely not, it means finding that perfect combination of the finest motor car and best value, this is where my 33 years of experience comes into play.

The internet is great place to compare prices, however it has no place when it comes to seeking out value or if a car will make the grade when it is subjected to the most thorough scrutiny.

How it Works

Firstly, I know how both sides of the buying and selling process works intimately, simply looking at YouTube videos or reading online forums will only get you so far, headlines and “expert reviews” from social media can shape our views, unfortunately the real-world detail behind the headlines gets forgotten, whereas my job is always about the breaking down the waffle and delivering proven results, you and I are looking for an amazing car, not likes or views.

I have worked in high end dealerships previously and I also continue to retail my own handpicked cars also today, so I have first-hand experience in how to navigate through every stage and most importantly for you to end up with an absolutely fantastic car.

I fully understand why so many consumers can get very disillusioned by the whole concept of car shopping, with so called “price markers”, “admin fees”, the race by dealers to be the cheapest and the corner cutting that comes from that, so many different advertising platforms, cars not being as  described, advertised with incorrect mileages to make them look good against the competition, I could go on.

So is it any wonder consumers think, “where do I begin? Surely there must be someone out there that can help me?” Well I’m pleased to say, there is – I successfully do this for clients, day in day out. I am your car buying agent.

Since the global pandemic, the whole industry, manufacturers, dealers and consumers are venturing into the “online car buying process” this is here to stay, however it’s important to know I have been successfully delivering that service since I started my business in 2010. So, it’s nothing new to me or my clients.

The difference with my service, attention to detail, intimate knowledge of the market, expert advice so you are fully informed what’s hot and what’s not, one on one personal service, I’m not here to sell you a car, I help you find and buy your perfect car.

The frustrations consumers will have with some online providers, firstly they usually deal in more every day cars, they will struggle to adapt to the demands of the most discerning buyers in the high-end market for impeccable, high specification, individual cars.

I personally inspect every car for clients, so they are not left in that position of taking a stab in the dark and by taking what they read or are being sold at face value, how it will be when it arrives, it gives huge comfort and removes the doubt, I provide the all-important independent accurate description and most thorough due diligence checks, be that good or bad, but it will be fact, so buyers are fully informed in the process, not having to rely on what the seller is stating.

Who Do I Work For?

You. And many other like-minded, time starved, discerning buyers throughout the UK and internationally, who want a proven niche, bespoke service, a more savvy alternative to the more mainstream traditional routes, I help you navigate to seek out the very best cars and value that you should expect and demand.

My client base is very diverse, private clients, high net worth individuals, CEOs, executives, large and small businesses, generations of families and private individuals. The one thing they all have in common; they enjoy the same impeccable service levels and results.

The End Result?

Well, I’ll let my clients do the talking here.

Common car sourcing Questions

Yes, I have helped many international clients who are looking to buy cars in the UK with my specialist car sourcing service. I have been their car buying agent in the UK, looking after their interests and dealing with everything for them.

For example, if you are moving to the UK and want a car ready for you when you arrive or are simply looking to buy a specific car and need a very safe pair of hands with 34 years of experience to deal with things like inspecting the car, walk-round videos, and logistics, I’m here to help.

My 34 years in the motor industry have been in the prestige, performance and luxury car sector, so by default I have a very strong following in that field as a leading prestige car broker and for my specialist car sourcing service. Please do let me know your specific requirement and I will be only too pleased to help however I can.

The very nature of my specialist car sourcing service means I provide, niche, bespoke solutions that are personally tailored to the individual client, like their cars, every client is unique and will always be treated as such, there is no one size fits all approach from my business, so it is very difficult to give a “standard” fee, as there is no such thing really.

However, once we have had an initial chat or exchanged e-mails, so I can fully understand how best I can help you with your motoring requirements, I will always give you a clear, concise and transparent overview of my charges, specific to your personal project.

I can’t or wouldn’t want to guarantee that, the cheapest cars and the very best cars will be two very different outcomes, for me it always starts and ends with searching out the very best cars, what I will guarantee, the cars I am involved in for all clients will be the very best value, combined with impeccable, attentive service levels.

You don’t have to end up making an unsatisfactory compromise, spending too much or getting too little for your hard-earned money, I will save you time and get you from the initial enquiry to your dream car on your drive, seamlessly and make the journey, special and enjoyable- as it should be!

Yes, if you are looking for a new car sourcing service or a used car buying agent, whether you are in the UK or an International client looking for a leading car finder service in the UK, be delighted to help.

I spend my life constantly searching for the very best, totally original, unmolested examples of cars, for myself and my clients; cars that will withstand the strictest of scrutiny. This ethos and business model is unshakable.

I never get involved with Cat N or Cat S cars, or highly-modified cars that are non-original or have had modifications which are not recognised by the manufacturer are not my thing.

Yes, that’s what I successfully do for clients every day.

Wherever produces the best option. That may sound predictable and obvious, but it’s true. I have 34 years of industry contacts to call on, a very comprehensive client base, and dealer contacts I have built over the same time frame. The skill and discipline is to go where we need to, to secure the best option and value.  Many buyers want to simply go to a local garage as they don’t want to travel hundreds of miles as I have to at times.

Unless a client specifically wants a certain car from an auction, I am not overly keen on using auctions, but if it we have to do that to secure a very specific, then fine. Probably one of the biggest urban myths is about getting the amazing bargain from an auction. As I and any experienced motor trade professional will confirm, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Add in the fact that at many auctions nowadays, since the global pandemic, you can’t view the cars in the flesh, it isn’t something that generally produces the results I expect and demand for my clients.

I accept it is always a hot topic that the keyboard warriors and online experts like to impart their opinions on online forums, likewise the internet is full of companies promising to source you the “mythical bargain” from an auction at “trade price”. How do I know this? I have many clients now onboard who I have either saved from that ill-informed promise or sadly, did get their fingers burned and have since turned to me and my business for a more informed, professional approach and most importantly, a much better result.

It's Time

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