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BMW M4 DCT Coupe

Sold for the client - A one off BMW M4 Coupe in Valencia Orange.

Very Special car alert, this is no ordinary BMW M4….. I was trusted by a local company who wanted an experienced professional with a safe pair of hands to sell this BMW M4 Coupe for them.

This car is actually 1 of 1, it was specially painted by BMW in Valencia Orange metallic ( not to be confused with Sakhir Orange ) this was most definitely Valencia Orange! Added to the fact it was fitted with every factory option (other than TV Tuner), it had Carbon Ceramic brakes the lot!

Hence to say the mission was completed, sold, seamlessly, discreetly with no input needed from the client, other than to tell me the money was in his account.

Special cars need, special handling, expert understanding of the product, it’s unique options, there is no simply entering your registration number into an online portal here, how can this car be valued the same as any other M4- quite simply it can’t.

That is why clients selling this calibre of car, know and trust me, that the end result will be bespoke to them and their car.