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The best way to sell Your car

If you own a luxury, performance or prestige car and want to find a deserving new home for it, you are doing yourself and your car a huge disservice by simply thinking the best way to do that is by using a generic online portal to get a “value”.

There has to be a better way...

You could just enter your registration number into a generic online portal and let an “algorithm” allegedly value your pride and joy, having not inspected it, know the condition or the relevant unique options, the history and a host of other factors, then when you try to progress that, that same very blunt business model, that gives you an initial figure to get you on the hook, then often rarely materialises.

Let’s debunk a few myths

If you own an impeccable, high specification luxury car, high performance car, high end SUV or modern classic and want to find a deserving new home for it, then you are doing yourself and your car a huge misservice, not to mention potentially missing out on more return on your car by simply relying on entering your registration number into an online portal to get a “value”.

Yes, I get it may seem a familiar route in a digital age, driven by TV or online advertising, but computers are a very blunt instrument, with a one size fits all approach.

A more personal and professional way, by engaging my bespoke services, a specialist with 34 years’ expertise, who knows and recognises the individuality of your car and the market intimately, who understands the nuances of desirable options, condition, colour combinations, rarity of certain models and how all these factors can and do affect values, cars like their owners are highly individual and need treating as such.

You and your car deserve more

A one-size-fits-all approach does not work. On a more run-of-the-mill car, perhaps. But in the specialist luxury, prestige and performance car sector, I’m sorry; you and your car deserve a lot more.

Not just another generic value from a registration number, but a professional niche solution for niche cars and their owners, who are looking for the perfect solution to, how best to sell my luxury car.

Online car valuations, online auctions, online car buying companies and all similar platforms have the same flaw: the differing opinions and expectations of the buyer and seller. In terms of condition, accuracy of the description, understanding of the model, level of specification and provenance, they are always going to be opposing views, which is why and where frustrations can creep in.

You know what I mean: you’re given a high value and then the potential whole re negotiating thing happening further down the line! It is an appalling way to do business.

This is why I always personally thoroughly inspect cars I am selling for clients and is where the whole process should begin, this gives the credibility, accuracy and professionalism to the exercise that you should expect and demand, not to mention doing justice to your pride and joy and to ensure the very best results can be achieved and importantly any figures discussed are accurate, meaningful.

Let’s sell your car today

Take a look at some of the cars I have helped clients, source, sell and lease previously.

The safe, secure, efficient way to sell your pride and joy

Over the 34 years I have been in the motor industry, I have built up a huge network and following from clients and specialist dealers, who rely on me to find, source and buy them the very best examples daily.

I don’t just buy any car, I’ll leave that to the more mainstream companies, you know the ones, who rely on the “computer algorithm”, the internet is full of them.. I specialise in fabulous, high specification, individual cars, that get recognised for being just that.

Privacy and security is often overlooked when selling cars generally, would you want to be inviting unvetted potential buyers to know where you live and your car lives, then having to tackle awkward conversations about test drives with strangers, who will ultimately not be insured to drive your car and then dealing with the bartering process, with the wannabe “motor traders”.

I would never want to stand in anyone’s way if they want to try and sell their car themselves, but only if they are fully aware of the realities, potential pitfalls and the demands on your time that go with it, the more specialist the car, with the higher price point, the more difficult it becomes.

Whereas I expertly deal with every aspect of the transaction end-to-end, securely with the utmost due diligence and discretion, just one point of contact and importantly the right result for you and your car, all this from the comfort of your own home or office, seamless, professional, while you get on with more important things to you.

Some Success Stories

Take a look at some of the recent cars I’ve helped my clients with.

Common car selling Questions

Firstly, I have successfully been buying and selling cars at the highest level for over 34 years, so I hope that gives you the comfort you should expect and demand, you are in very safe hands.

My service is different in many ways, I don’t use the “enter your registration number” into an online portal model and rely on a computer algorithm to allegedly value your pride and joy, having not seen it, have no understanding of the individual options on the car, it’s condition or its history, I could go on…. I hope you will agree that is an appalling business model, a one size fits all approach for the masses. Technology and modern business methods of course have their place in today’s world, there is however no real alternative sometimes to, years of experience, skill, intimate knowledge of your individual car and the market, which is why my approach is more suited to the luxury, prestige and performance car sector, where very special individual cars and their owners get recognised as just that.

Also, I don’t just buy fabulous cars for my business, high end specialist dealers and main franchised dealers all over the UK rely on me to find and source the finest examples for their stock also and have done for many years, I am therefore perfectly placed to have outlets with consistent demand for your car.

I would never want to stand in anyone’s way if they want to try and advertise their car to try and sell their car privately. However, I would point out some realities to be aware of.

The high value, luxury, prestige and performance cars that I specialise in helping clients with come with some specific challenges. Firstly, security and safety being the main one. Having to open up the location of your home and location of your car to unvetted strangers can be fraught. Potential buyers will want to test drive your car, which they won’t be insured to do. Then, you have no idea of the drivers’ capabilities. They could be jumping into cars that have 400, 500, 600+ horsepower that they are unfamiliar with and “want to see what it will do”. You can see where I am going here.

There is also a very high chance that potential buyers will also want some form of financing option and or a part exchange to deal with, so as you can see it isn’t straight forward at all.

One other thing that is often overlooked is, when private sellers have their car advertised on the usual public platforms for several weeks or put in an auction and don’t sell it, it can be very damaging for the car’s value. Many, many people will have actually looked at it over those weeks and know it hasn’t sold and that includes trade buyers, which can have the effect of “tainting” the car a little. The more individual and rarer the car, the more sensitive this becomes. Buyers want exclusivity. They will pay for off-market cars, that haven’t been offered around many times.

No, my specialist car purchasing service is based on very personal service, so I can travel to your home or office at a time to suit you, I deal with everything for you completely end to end, you can get on with your day-to-day commitments, while I take care of finding the most deserving home for your car.

That’s absolutely fine. Many of the cars I buy and sell for clients have personal registration numbers on, so something very familiar to me. I can help take care of that for you.

We need to be mindful that when we put your personal registration number on retention, that will generate a replacement log book (V5C) with the appropriate age-related registration number on it. That will usually be the original registration number if it was registered prior to you putting your personal registration plate on it. We will need that replacement log book to pass on to either me or my buyer.

Again, this is very common on the cars I buy for myself or my buyers, so I can help with the whole process how to handle that in a simple, straightforward manner.

As I have been successfully buying cars for over 34 years, I have a tried and tested process to give you every peace of mind and comfort to ensure everything is dealt with safely, securely with the utmost due diligence, your car doesn’t go anywhere until you have cleared funds in full in your account.

I am always looking to buy impeccable, high specification cars of an individual nature.

The list of manufacturers I have bought and sold for clients is very comprehensive, such as Porsche, Ferrari, Land Rover, Bentley, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, McLaren, Jaguar, BMW M-Cars, Mercedes AMG, Audi S and RS, Ford RS. The list is long, but hopefully that gives you a feel.

Yes, modern classics from the 80’s and 90’s are a speciality. In particular, all Ford RS cars, Peugeot 205 GTI, BMW M Cars, Mercedes AMG, etc. But try me; I’m always happy to help or advise you.

Yes, I don’t deal with any cars that are CAT S or CAT N, very highly modified cars that have been modified with non-OEM parts, very high mileage cars or grey imports. Any cars that have had ECU modifications of any kind to increase power or features added that are non-factory; more commonly known as “coding”.

This is a very difficult time for anyone who has recently lost a loved one and now has the unenviable task to deal with selling their car. I have bought and sold many cars in such circumstances for clients, with the utmost compassion, empathy and understanding that the car was part of the family and a part of that person’s life. Selling a car can be challenging at the best of times, the last thing you need is to have to experience that also. I would be delighted to help in any capacity, I can deal with every aspect for you, a complete end to end solution, carried out respectfully, delicately and importantly to do justice to you and the car by achieving the right result.

Yes, I am and have been a car selling agent for many, many clients to successfully sell their car for them. Whether you are a private individual or a business and want a proven, professional car selling service, that produces great results, I’d be delighted to help.

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